About The Man Test

Umm. Err. So.....

What Is The Man Test ?

Glad you asked. This is a test to check how much longer your left leg is compared to your right leg. Only joking. It's a test to see how manly you really are.

Why should I want to take The Man Test ?

That isn't the right question. The real question is WHY WOULDN'T YOU ? Seriously, it's free. How many things in life are free. How many times do you find out there's some catch or twist or con. Well that's just not how we roll. This is really free, takes a few minutes and might change your life. Or not.

Why Create This Site ?

No idea. We make loads of sites like this and we make a bit of money. Not much, but it keeps us in beer. Which is a man's drink.

Who Created This Site ?

We can't tell you. Even if we did, what difference would it actually make ?

Where did you get the images from ?

We paid for the rights to use them. We are nice people and we don't go around stealing images. You can't copy them !

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that The Man Test is just a bit of fun. It's not scientific and it doesn't provide an accurate way of measuring how much of a man you really are.

And while you are reading this, a real man would always take the time to check himself out. You know what we are talking about. So just do it.

Enjoy the test !

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